Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA)


Scalabl partnered with RWWA (quasi Government body) on the following engagements:

  1. RWWA agile transformation

  2. Moving from project governance to a product-centric approach

  3. Building foundational technology platforms

1. RWWA agile transformation

Scalabl supply delivery expertise, coaching capability and thought leadership to support the RWWA agile transformation. Initially our focus area was to advise and contribute to the mobile application rewrite, and improve the delivery pipeline, mindset, behaviours, tools and techniques across the stream of work.  Now complete, our renewed focus is embedding a product-centric mindset from a project-based methodology throughout the IT division.

Between Feb-Aug 2018 our delivery expertise resulted in an increase in speed to market, increased employee engagement, and improved clarity of team goals, as well as greater accountability and ownership of outcomes across the mobile application.

We are now able to assess and implement initiatives in a far better manner, incorporating both business and customer value.

2. Moving from project governance to a product centric approach

Having radically improved the software delivery approach within the mobile application rewrite, we were asked to work with the Executive team to move all of their teams and leadership from a project-based methodology to a product-centric approach (over 100 people including leadership, infrastructure and software delivery teams).

Moving to a product-centric approach required changing component teams into end-to-end, product-focused teams. This entailed changing how they defined their product offering, how they set teams up around their product, how they fund their product teams and how they measure improvements and performance.

This change was kicked off with a one week; 100+ people inception across their entire IT division to ensure all teams were supported in new agile ways of working, common language and skills to operate in this way.

With our support, RWWA have moved:

●      From centralised annual planning to decentralised rolling wave planning

Moving away from a model that sees projects and investments planned annually to funding delivery teams on a quarterly basis, utilising small experiments that leverage customer analytics and feedback to guide investment decisions. Success measures moved from meeting time, budget and feature targets, to customer activity and impact.

●      From detailed business cases to lightweight investment canvases

Reducing time spent writing large business cases by creating small, discrete investment decisions, reducing the risk of delivery and inaccurate estimates, and increasing the ability to pivot and change based on market factors. 

●      From portfolio of projects to a continuous flow of high value initiatives

Continuous flow of work into delivery teams, rather than mobilising and disbanding project teams, building up context of the customer and what they are trying to achieve, and creating accountability for the end to end value chain.

●      From centralised control to decentralised decision making

Decision-making now occurs where the information is, often in delivery teams with leaders supporting and guiding decisions as appropriate.  The new model is optimised not for occasional, big, decisions but for many small and frequent decisions (giving greater empowerment and nimbleness to the delivery teams to be able to quickly respond to change).

The team were able to challenge us and also provide alternative ways of thinking.

3. Building foundational technology platforms

Scalabl supply software development capability to drive a ‘push notifications’ technology platform (a key strategic foundation to support RWWA’s marketing strategy).

Augmenting an existing software delivery team, we were required to prototype and deliver an event data push solution. We used AWS services to provide close to real time data updates to mobile and web clients. Our focus also covers better ways to break down, prioritise and track work, in an area previously causing frustration due to lack of visibility and predictability. This is part of our wider remit, to support a cultural shift at a technical level, moving the mindsets from large technical tasks to a customer/outcome focused approach.