Scalabl partnered with Keystart on the following:

  1. Keystart agile transformation

  2. Augment delivery teams to improve end-to-end software delivery

  3. Evolve the organisational operating rhythm

1. Agile transformation

Following the base lining of Keystart’s IT and PMO approach to software delivery, we supplied transformation expertise and thought leadership to Keystart’s Executive team before defining and embarking on a new way of working. Leveraging Scalabl’s delivery expertise and coaching capability we were able to create an environment of high trust, collaboration, value focus and learning.

Experience of Richard and Andres is very valuable. Tailored approach to Keystarts needs. Ability to scale up and skill up our key people in a timely fashion. Set us on a journey and allowed us to walk then run with it. Great service and follow up. A real partnership approach.

2. Augment delivery teams to improve end-to-end software delivery

We provided technical coaching across a number of areas including automated testing, continuous delivery and work planning, as well as introducing several frameworks to improve the team’s effectiveness. We have been highly successful in creating a dramatic shift from an isolated team, to one that values transparency and collaboration.

By supporting and guiding the software delivery team in dealing with a dated monolithic application (in which the build could take hours), we’ve made significant differences in cycle time through improving the efficiencies in their build pipeline and automated testing, introducing BDD, as well as guiding their evolution toward a microservices architecture.

Scalabl highlights during this engagement include:

● Creation and implementation of an agile software delivery process

● Creation and implementation of a new organisational quarterly rhythm to enable the delivery team and business owners to collaboratively agree on outcomes, goals and scope of work.

● An estimation process for the delivery team that’s fast, seamless, and transparent.

● Recommended and implemented an API based approach to support their new website

● Set up a BDD framework to enable automated functional testing and reporting

● Greatly reduced build times for deployable components, and integrated post-deployment automated tests for quick verification

● Reduced deployment risk by breaking the system down into smaller chunks and implementing a culture of test-driven development and continuous improvement

● Inception facilitation every quarter for the Keysmart product and surrounding technologies, unpacking the work and forecasting the highest value work into the next product increment

3. Evolve the organisational operating rhythm

Co-creation and implementation of a new organisational rhythm to enable all department leaders to collaboratively agree on outcomes, goals and scope of work. This has seen a significant uplift in engagement, accountability and teamwork across departments. There are now both organisational annual and quarterly planning sessions that ensure focus, priority and clarity on goals to be met, with a renewed confidence, energy and passion.

The changes over the last 9 months have been more than I ever expected. You have helped us make huge changes to our culture, improve the engagement and collaboration, improve our software delivery process and technical capability.

This has all been done with a focus on building the capability for us continue to do this ourselves rather than do it for us.
— Keystart